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My Definition of Public Relations

Looking back at my past Pr. definition, I never had one hahaha. I guess it was my ignorance that kept me from voicing my opinion. After taking full semester designated to public relations and media advertising I realized that Public Relations is mainly the interaction between the company and or public relations advertising agency and not how they communicate to the people but how they communicate WITH the people. Public relations is a theory of communication (excellence in public relations and communications hand book). Everyday we communicate to one another and this is just another version of public relations, the only thing different is public relations is used for the corporations to be able to communicate with a certain target audience and their already loyal customers. The problem was that we didn’t understand the most powerful marketing tool of all: public relations (PR).  We assumed that business success would automatically translate into recognition.  And we were overly cautious about what we said in public—so that we were “known for the right things”(VB-News). This goes to show you that if you are planning on doing any type of advertising, Public relations is the way to go. I mean public relations deals with so many different aspect of the advertising field; it deals with media, press release, brochures, posters, sneak peaks, twitter, Facebook, Instagram, audio cast, news paper articles, podcast, and etc. When it comes to public relations it is a vast subject to just give a general definition on mainly because it is constantly changing everyday. Public relations is the future of all companies and the world as we know it, everyday we are surrounded by new types of relations whether its by word of mouth, billboard, or a television commercial, public relations has had or has something to do with it.


Clearly a great PR agency or department is worth their weight in… well, perhaps currency, if not gold (Forbes). They are absolutely right without public relations companies would never know what their consumers want or what the people are looking for and sales prices would drop incredibly. Public Relations is like the Superman for all companies, they come and do research find out the target population come up with a new and improved image and then on top of that they campaign, promote, and evaluate their efforts for the company and themselves to build off of. Before their was public relations the only way to promote one’s self was to post an ad in the newspaper and now we have modernized so much that we have blogs such as this one and Facebook, and Twitter where the cost is almost nothing to promote your product or try to improve the image of your company, and we have none other to thank but public relations, because if it wasn’t for them trying to find new and better ways to promote their clients there would be no need for advertisements going through twitter and Facebook and this blog would be obsolete.

excellence in public relations and communications hand book