Things that I have learned so far this year in public relations, are being prepared, persevering, and don’t procrastinate. 

If you come with the prepared mindset that you can do whatever you want.  I came in with the mindset at first that this was impossible to do and no one person can do a 40-paged paper about a client they barely even knew.  I was quickly proved wrong.  Although this class is very hard, life is hard, every time you finish a battle you’re working your way into another.  I started out slow, slacking off, missing assignments and all the time I was thinking, “that’s nothing and I can make it up later.”  This class told me that if you slack off and you miss something due here is just like you slacking off and missing a day in your career, just like your career you miss to many and you will be fired.


This class also taught me how to persevere, through all the bad times, it will get better you must weather the storm before you get to the calm. Every time your struggling with a paper or with your life in general, you must pick your head up and keep fighting. Everyone has battles that they go through, some we win and others we lose but you live to fight another day. This class is a prime example of it, all year I was struggling thinking that there was no way of finishing my Campaign Plan book. Well I did it!!! I finished my plan book with time for edits and time to spare. It shows that if you keep doing the work and keep practicing it in life you can get it done if its possible. The little edits we did for the multiple parts of our plan book. These, little parts, or so I thought were the stepping-stones to what linked the plan book together.


Last but not least, procrastination if you procrastinate you will ultimately fail! Procrastination is the worst thing you can do for creating a plan book. All the assignments have a date for particular reasons, because if the stepping-stones are out of place then the stairs will fall. In this semesters class I either was confused and turned in the wrong assignment or didn’t do the assignment at all but whatever I didn’t do gave me terrible complications in the end while preparing your plan book. Just as in life if you procrastinate at work you work will be shoddy or unorganized making you seem like less of a person or a person that does not care about their work. Procrastination is one of the worst things you can do on a plan book because if you do such shoddy work that isn’t just something you can throw away, you must use it later to build on and make sure your plan book is up to par. The final is all about your book just like your work, its not how you start its how you finish and if you persevere through all the things and hardships and have a competitive mindset you will do well on your plan book and more important, in life as well.



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