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The PR consulting professional’s job is to correct an unfavorable public perception. A great example of this is Wal-Mart, a giant corporation with an amazing success story that must work daily to overcome a controversial reputation.(consulting success) If you are a Pr consultant there will soon be a time where you will be faced with a crisis, sometimes the crisis will be related to something great happening in the world, sometimes the crisis will be because of a travesty that has happened in the world and sometimes the crisis will be related to a just a freak accident that no one has ever seen happen before in their life.  The biggest crisis is how you respond to the crisis at hand going on in the world.  Different Pr agencies have different ways of handling different world events at hand, you have to prepare for the worst in case the worst does happen.  Public relations professionals take note: Crisis management is not the mastery of spin, but preventing a PR nightmare. Read the following tips from communications consultant Allan Bonner, a specialist in crisis management and media training, and then ask yourself whether or not your company or PR firm is prepared for the crisis the just might be around the corner.(e-releases)  

When the most controversy happens it happens when we are least prepared.  As a great Pr consultant you need to ALWAYS be prepared.  During the super bowl after the on-routing that the Seattle Seahawks were giving the Denver Broncos the Pr Consultants for Pornhub quickly went to twitter and made a crucial tweet stating, ” Don’t Try Uploading the Game to Pornhub because we don’t allow rape.”(Pornhub-twitter) Although this was not a world ending crisis this was a a crisis to very many people watching the game, tweeting how much they were disgusted by the outcome and what the Seattle Seahawks were doing to the Denver Broncos. To post a tweet like this took courage and left Pornhub with probably one of the top outings of the twitter world with that tweet.
This just goes to show that no matter what the situation a great Pr consultant must be ready for anything at anytime, many people had never heard of Pornhub until the night of that tweet, in an advertising aspect that was great publicity and great timing for the Pr consultant to make that tweet.


advocacy in Pr

Being a an advocate of pubic relations I always say, “Stand up for what you believe and follow your dreams.” This quote relates to the public relations world in many types of scenarios.  As PR consultants, it is our main job to back up our client 100% of the time. When doing so, advocacy in public relations is thrust into play.

Advocacy is “the act of pleading or arguing in favor of something, such as a cause, idea, or policy; active support (” Advocacy is one of the main reasons why many different types of companies and incorporations are so successful. In order to be successful you have to have a team that backs you up, fights for you and builds you up. That goes for any experience you put yourself into.  Any realistic action that comes into your imagination you can do, it is your supporters who build upon what you done an make it all that it is

I did some research and found some easy and quick steps for a better advocacy group. The six steps involve (asaecenter):

Set Goals

  • Don’t just jump into public relations, do your research first
  • Make sure u have a goal in mind at the end of your campaign 

Identify Your Strengths:

  • Always start with your strongest positions- this will help get the ball rolling.
  • Be able to back up our statements with evidence, to increase your credibility.

Stay on task:

  • Since you have identified your goals strengths and weaknesses work on them
  • Dont take time getting your point across do it immediately.

Be able to defend and argue your case: 

  • It is your job to know how to argue your case and defend it.
  • Make sure you communication tactics will be effective and successful.

Respect your coworkers:

  •  Be cordial and respectful do not disrespect your audience
  • Being calm, respectful and understanding goes a long way.

Everyone must participate:

  • Be sure to make all members participate in one way or another- no one likes a lazy teammate
  • The more participating the better the brainstorming, the quicker and less shoddy the work is done,

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