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Research in Public Relations

Research is probably one of the most overrated things you can do in college , it seems like for every single page you write you have to look up 5 or more different credited websites to find the substantial amount of evidence to help support your position in the particular matter.  “In order to be successful in the endeavor, a public relations program must be adjusted to the group of people to whom it is directed (Public opinion quarterly pg. 54)  When it comes to public relations, public relations agencies are constantly researching demographics and other things to help better their clients image or brand to the public.  In order to be a Public Relations practitioner you have to have a background in all different types of aspect and research is one of them.  “What you don’t know CAN hurt you.  I think that rings very true here. There are plenty of other points in Lean In that I’m sure people will think are more central to its concept than the ones above” (Dave Fleet) Public relations practitioners have to be up to date on basically everything going on in modern day society and some things that have happened in the past, because as everyone knows history tends to repeat itself.  Without doing research, whether its qualitative, quantitative, primary or secondary, you will never be able to fully help your client gain the proper customer base they deserve and eventually you too will be hurting your client more than helping them.  

For example, if i were to tell everyone that reads this blog that the Apple Industry’s stock value is going to crash, people that read this blog would expect me to show proof of how i know, whether it was from data, research, prior experiences, or some other credentials that would give me a base of creditability.  Without that people would think i was talking out of the side of my neck and just creating slander, but if i had proof say from reliable sources, or valuable data helping me further prove my statement than people would be more likely to believe that what I was saying was true.  

Even today public relations agencies are trying to out branch to different cities, regions, territories, and countries across the world.  “There is also a dire need to extend our analyses of public relations in different regions by going beyond a couple of conceptual or theoretical underpinnings and also exploring how contextual variables external to the organization (such as culture, political system, economic system, and media system) influence public relations activities in various parts of the world. Among other things, such linkages will increase the predictive capabilities of the body of knowledge of global public relations” (The Global Book of Relations 2003, pg 2).  This one quote alone shows that everyday public relations agencies research so they can be better apt to reaching out and broadening their companies or clients brand base across the world.   


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Diversity in PR

As the country sees individuals with diverse backgrounds and experiences in roads in areas of business and government, it is important for the public relations industry to reflect the society we live in (Council of Public Relations Firms).  I believe that in order for more businesses to strive in todays economy, they must diverse themselves.  The world is such a diverse place now and America as a whole is just like a big melting pot with all different kinds of cultures and ethnicities all in one.  In order for businesses to be able to compete with one another they must have a multi-cultural background.  There are so many different types of customers public relations agencies try to reach out to in order to create a branding image for their client or corporation.  The best corporations have a wide following base of customers from all different places of the world.  The more a company can expand, the better off they will be in the work environment.  Diversing the public relations work place can not only make that possible but in a article i read it states that ”diversity of thought at your business can boost innovation and creative problem-solving. People bring different cultures, backgrounds, and personalities to the table — and those differences shape how they think” (Griswold 2013).  

Examples of effective diversity management illustrated the connection between diversity and the strategic management of public relations.(Linda Childers Hon & Brigitta Brunner )  Having a more diverse company can be the best thing to happen in the workplace both ethnic wise and demographic wise.  It shows that the company can relate more with their consumers and will do what ever it takes to please the customer base.  This shows the consumers that they will be welcomed with open arms and not discriminated against rather than just used and thrown to the side.  Also it gives security to the upcoming youth of different ethnic backgrounds, where they feel they can work together as a team and grow rather than throwing each other under the bus and eventually hurting the company.

Thank You for reading.


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